Cheap candy finds

Cheap candy finds

Where’s the cheapest place to find your favorites?

I know mine! No matter what I’m doing—staying up late to study for a test, working the red eye shift, or simply satisfying a big craving—I often find myself turning toward cheap candy, which means I know where to get my sweets without spending too much.

If you turn to the gas station or the grocery store for candy, you know exactly what I am talking about! You might pay $5 to $8 for a simple bag of candy, depending on what you want (especially if it’s chocolate), which is just silly. When I lived in Spain I was spoiled with affordable candy shops everywhere, and I could just buy what I wanted since you scooped it out fresh by yourself. The candy shops we have here are much more pricey and, dare I say it, not as fresh.

So what do I do when I need my candy fix? Easy…I head to the dollar store. Not Dollar General, mind you (though you will sometimes find good deals there, like big hunks of taffy for 79 cents rather than the two bucks it costs at the gas station), but the everything is a dollar store. They have just about every kind of candy you could want, from fruity Now and Laters to chocolate bars to gummy bears, and none of them are more than a buck. In fact, oftentimes you’ll find them two for a dollar, and they are usually in generous portions.

That said, if I’m close enough, I will…

Go to Party City. You might think they would be expensive, but they have big specials on candy. Our local one, for example, sells individual pieces for 7 cents each, which is not a great price for Halloween treats to give out but it’s perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth cheaply! I usually only spend $2, sometimes $3, and get plenty of caramels, kisses, taffies, pixie stix, and other favorites. I actually have not been there in a while and thinking about it is making me crave some candy!

Another great way to get good, cheap candy, of course, is to stock up on post-holiday sales. We bought bags of Starburst jelly beans after Easter for fifty cents a bag, for example—these were big bags, too, and since my husband works at this particular store, we also got his discount—and we are just now running out of those in August! So if you play your cards right, you can do this twice a year—at Easter and Halloween—and have plenty all year round for just a few dollars.