Chocolate Bars: Kashi Versus Fiber One

Chocolate Bars: Kashi Versus Fiber One

The latter is sooo much better.

I like Kashi. I like their cereal and granola, and I like what they seem to stand for. I haven’t done a whole lot of research into the company so they could be less than what they seem at face value, of course, but so far, so good. When I look at the nutrient content of their foods, I do wish they’d be higher in lots of vitamins and minerals. They just look as if they should, and if they include so many good-for-you foods, you would think they’d be super healthy.

This week I bought two boxes of “healthy-ish” chocolate bars so I could have candy that was sort of good for me while I work at night. One box was Fiber One Brownies and the other was Kashi Chocolate Squares. Holy cow, are these different!

The Fiber One bars are absolutely delicious. They are medium-sized and filled with chocolate chips, and they are soft like brownies should be. Best of all, they’re only 90 calories, so you could have one as a midday snack. Of course, 90 calories or not, if I don’t like them I’m not going to eat them—but I will have no trouble eating these.

The Kashi chocolate squares, on the other hand, were not only nasty-tasting, but almost double the calories at 140 a bar. They’re not really any bigger and they taste like dirt. I couldn’t even finish my bar and I told my husband it tasted like someone had shoved my head onto the ground and told me, “Eat this dirt!” It tried to finish the dirt because I didn’t want to waste any of it, but I just couldn’t do it. I’m hoping I can give the box to someone who might eat them.

My daughter is seven and a chocoholic—she likes everything from caramel chocolate to milk to dark chocolate. She took a bite of the Kashi bar and spit it out. I couldn’t blame her, even though we don’t like to waste food around here. She ate a whole Fiber One bar, on the other hand, and wanted to have another—which I denied, of course, because they’re mine and she has her own box of chocolate granola!

I would highly recommend the Fiber One brownies to anyone who wants a chocolate fix. They don’t sacrifice on flavor at all and it really tastes like a real brownie.