Chocolate Cars

Chocolate Cars

I have seen many things pertaining to, covered in, and even being filled with chocolate. Hell there is chocolate fashion. But I found something rather interesting. Chocolate cars. Yes, they are a thing. Lemme backtrack. I’ve seen chocolate mini cars made entirely as a desert, and a real car coated in chocolate.

Now the first question one would ask is ‘why’?

Cars are very useful after all and get us from point A to point B, but in general are just that. Transport. But as an edible? This place make sculpted cars made entirely of chocolate. Remember those Easter Bunnies you got in your basket every year? Well chocolatiers have molds for that.

But it gets even crazier. There have been on spec life size chocolate cars. As in:

A car was completely covered in a shell of chocolate or

A life size car created from chocolate. Now the regular sized chocolate was understandable. But the huge life size ones? One travel on carting that huge thing from bakery to table would suck. Then there’s the trouble of trying to eat it all before spoiling, melting or making yourself sick. And then there’s the whole ‘will you get sick’ part of it. That’s just the trouble with the  huge life size hunks of chocolate (yeah I love chocolate but most humans have limits to how much they can consume). But the kind of chocolate cars with the stuff poured onto a real car –often for display purposes – cleaning that stuff will not be a treat.