Chocolate covered espresso beans

Chocolate covered espresso beans

Are they any good?

Eating chocolate is something most people enjoy doing, myself included. However, when I saw some chocolate covered espresso beans I decided I would try to combine two of my favorite things and give it a shot.  Here is my experience with the chocolate covered espresso beans I had a couple of weeks ago, but the company who was selling them I cannot remember the name of.

The first thing I noticed is the chocolate they were using for the beans was really good. It was not the highest quality of chocolate, but it was a passable brand of chocolate and if I had to compare it to a brand I would say more like a Cadbury type of smoothness and texture to it.

The second thing I noticed with the chocolate covered espresso beans is once the chocolate melted or was eaten off, it was grounds of coffee. Now I like drinking coffee, but like most people who drink coffee, I do not like consuming the grounds. With the chocolate, though, even though it said it was a whole bean, mine ended up being grounds. So I was highly disappointed in this and found out later it left little grounds all over in my mouth.

Overall I would have to say the chocolate covered espresso beans are a good choice if you do not mind having coffee grounds. However, for me the coffee grounds that I had were a big turn off. I know some people like this, though who will enjoy the beans and the chocolate, but this is something I just cannot handle again.