Chocolate? For pets? Think again.

Chocolate? For pets? Think again.

Chocolate. It is the one sweet that I can eat daily and feel content. It tastes good and even has been scientifically proven to keep us heart healthy and lowering blood pressure. So such a sweet tasting thing to us should surely taste awesome to your pets - especially dogs and cats.

And since when have you seen a dog say no to anything?

Apparently you forget that same dog will EAT anything, and trusts you. Seems the wonder that is chocolate = deadly poison. I thought this was a simply, terrible rumor but it is true – your small furry friend can die from that chocolate rush. Aside from the antioxidants, mood boosting abilities and good taste, chocolate (especially dark chocolate as it is 65% cocoa) also contains theobromine a stimulant that gives us a great buzz. But to dogs and cats in particular that stimulating high is like taking an 8ball to the heart.

The rush becomes more of a shock to the system as pet metabolize theobromine way slower than humans. They convulse, shake, vomit, and have a high chance of going into cardiac arrest. It takes over 35+ hours for a dog to be able to burn though all that stimulate, while meanwhile the poor thing is rocking around trying to stomach the effects.

So the next time you are eating some choice chocolates and Fluffy stares at you with ‘that look’, don’t give in. Remember, you are their caretaker. Rather they look sad than grow deathly ill.