Chocolate sculptures

Chocolate sculptures

What's next? Chocolate palaces?

Recall that article I wrote ages ago about things sculpted from chocolate? Like busts of famous people and furniture? Well the chocolate art doesn’t stop there. How about a camera made of chocolate? Does it take chocolate pictures? Or the tennis shoes made of leather – chocolate leather? It seems chocolate art has become much more intricate and delicate. There’s even real life art treasures like the Arc de Triumph on display now! And forget just human busts, there are life size figures of people being made now. 

So much skill and chocolate gathered all in one place. It makes you wonder – after all the various furniture, clothing, ‘useable/edible’ items, will chocolate become the new black? Will we be living in chocolate houses or chocolate palaces? 

Chocolate rain Willy Wonka style

Uh, pass on that. 
But it seems that if you have the patience and talent (and more patience) to sculpt, you can seemingly make anything out of chocolate. You could make a huge chocolate dinner table, with a Stonehenge mini sculpture, chocolate table runners and plates, and a chocolate turkey. Guests could arrive in chocolate finery and marvel at the delicately sculpted building they are sitting in.
I would be rather neat to live for once in an entire chocolate world. Then again, aside from having to constantly refrigerate the lot of it (or what happened with that palace up top), but man all that smell of chocolate, sweat, chocolate, body odor, chocolate, perfume. Yeah in thinking harder on it, a completely chocolate world is not as appetizing as one first thought.