Cocoagraph Company of Philadelphia

Cocoagraph Company of Philadelphia

Chocolate photos

Chocolate has enjoyed a fun yet sweet renaissance of being used in art. Sculptures, fashion, furniture, mini buildings – it seems chocolate can be used for anything beyond the obvious. But a lot of the art created is made for looks (OK, that chocolate bench was both a bench and a cake, though I may be hesitant on eating what was meant for people’s butts to sit on) and looks only. 

But I always wondered if this kind of art was made to be eaten? Well there’s a new piece of chocolate art imitating life that they would go well with the chocolate camera mention also in the last post. Chocolate photos! These pics are like the chocolate iPhone mentioned ages ago – they have images screened onto chocolate bars. Edible chocolate picture bars.

Cocoagraph Chocolate Photograph Co.

The Cocoagraph Company of Philadelphia has an option on their website where you can submit a photo that you own. They take that photo and for as low as $8.50 you can have that well-loved family photo printed onto and shipped out to you. I can see this being rather neat for say someone’s anniversary or a gag gift. Of course I wonder if one is limited to certain types of photos? I figure as long as the photo quality is clear it should be fine but I mean, I can see some untactful person submitting something terrible just to be weird. 
Then again, my friends and I have a terrible sense of humor so eh. I’d keep the photos clean because nothing sounds like a terrible thing to eat than a chocolate bar with a picture of a dildo on it. Bachelor/bachelorette party favors may be right out.