How to Purchase High-Quality Chocolate

How to Purchase High-Quality Chocolate

"Use one or all of these tips the next time a craving for chocolate hits"

Ever taken a bite of chocolate and you just know it is good without realizing exactly why it melts in your mouth? I love chocolate and as such a self-confessed chocoholic, I have tried many types from different companies. What I've found is that a tell-tale pattern exists, giving me the ability to distinguish the good from the bad. Other not so known reasons that let you know whether or not the chocolate is high-quality includes the percentage of chocolate, the placement of ingredients and the type of wrapper used by the makers to place the candy in.


Check to see where the word “cocoa” appears on the ingredient list. Cocoa showing up at the beginning is a good indicator that what you're about to eat is considered high-quality chocolate. Cocoa that's listed further on down the list indicates that the candy you're about to consume contains a higher amount of sugar. The origin of the chocolate has no real bearing on its quality; however, it can alter the taste, depending on where it originated from.


Purchase chocolate that contains up to 60 percent of cocoa in it because; otherwise, you will find the candy has a bitter taste. Reserve chocolate with 80 percent cocoa for baking that requires a high percentage of cocoa.

Price does not matter when it comes to purchasing chocolate because, according to the woman's magazine “Real Simple” many grocery stores now offer high-quality candies. “Real Simple” recommends purchasing chocolate for eating that sells for around $6 for snacking and $17 for baking purposes.


Pay attention to the date on your chocolate baking bars or individual candies because dark chocolate spoils after one year while white and milk chocolate go bad after 6 months. Another way to tell if you have sour chocolate is if the candy has a sour aroma to it or it has a discolored appearance. Seal your chocolate in its original container until you use it to keep it from spoiling faster.


Use one or all of these tips the next time a craving for chocolate hits and you will ensure what you're eating is of the highest quality, whether at a candy store or the super market.