Medicine for a chocoholic

Medicine for a chocoholic

During my middle school years, I was a self-proclaimed chocoholic.  I constantly needed a fix of chocolate.  Every two hours or so, I would need a taste of chocolate. Back then, my preferred chocolate choice was plain M&M’s—now labeled as milk chocolate M&M’s by the company.  I always carried the candy with me everywhere I went.  So naturally, I also packed it with me whenever I went to school.

I really did try my best to stock up on M&M’s.  Yet every now and then, I would run out of the awesome candy.  At that point, I could no longer be choosey about what chocolate I ate.  I just ate whatever edible chocolate flavored item I could get my hands on at the time.

My parents knew about my addiction to chocolate.  They saw how I always grab the bags of plain M&M’s whenever I go with them to the grocery store.  They also took note of how often I would buy chocolate ice cream or chocolate cake.  Yet one time I absolutely took them by surprise.

The house was out of my usual chocolate delights.  So I drank something I never really considered before.  No, it was not hot chocolate cocoa.  I did not have any at the time.  Instead, I drank a spoonful of chocolate syrup.  When I said a spoonful, I don’t mean it as an estimate. 

I really did pour the chocolate syrup onto a spoon before swallowing it.  My parents saw me doing that, and were caught completely off guard.  After a bit, they started teasing me nonstop about it.  From then on, they called the chocolate syrup my personal medicine.