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Tomorrow is Fudge Day

Do we really need an excuse to eat more fudge in our lives? Maybe we should all just take down those Chik-Fil-A signs that say “Eat Mor Chikin” and replace them with “Eat More Fudge.” Wouldn’t we all be so much happier as a result? I think the pounds gained would probably be about the same, so no adverse health benefits there. Whether you can only stand a bit at a time, or you could enjoy the richness of fudge all day, every day, June 16 is definitely a day to indulge.

In honor of National Fudge Day, you can take part by…

  • What else? Eating some fudge.
  • Explore the chocolate stores in your area. Do you have a chocolate bar? A fudge specialty shop? Visit and try something you’ve never had before.
  • Make your own fudge. This is something on my own Living to Do list that I’m quite excited about. My aunt makes this heavenly fudge with raspberry swirl that I may try to create, though there are so many other recipes out there available.
  • Give a friend who can’t eat sugar sugar-free fudge. Make it yourself or purchase it from the candy shop.
  • From peanut butter to mocha to marshmallows to cherry almond, you can find dozens of fudge recipes here.
  • Read the Judy Blume Fudge book series. If you don’t have the books, go to the library and check them out. See if your children would like to read them.
  • Add fudge to other desserts for even more decadence—such as piling ice cream on top, or drizzling on your favorite toppings or fruit.
  • Try some famous fudge recipes, such as these from OREO, Ben & Jerry’s, and other companies.
  • Bake some fresh chocolate fudge brownies.
  • Cut up fudge pieces into tiny squares and insert little toothpicks in them, creating choclately hors d’oeuvre. Then pass them out to coworkers, friends, or door-to-door as an unexpected treat.
  • Sell fudge with your children at a summer lemonade stand.
  • Learn about the history of fudge, how it got its name, its original form, and more. Take your partner, children, or friends to a fudge-making factory or candy shop to watch it be made—and, of course, try some samples.
  • Even the most clumsy of chefs (ahem, yours truly) can seemingly make fudge. Here is a microwavable recipe to prove it.