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Endangered Species Dark Chocolate

Endangered Species is a company dedicated to making high quality chocolate with minimal negative environmental impact. Their chocolate is made with all-natural, shade-grown, "ethically traded, single-origin dark chocolate." It's also certified Kosher, Vegan, and Gluten free. The basic principles behind this company is to make extremely high quality chocolate, with minimum negative impact on the environment. Even the paper, with the cute bat on it, is recycled 30% post-consumer FSC certified paper. Each of the chocolate varieties they sell—and there are quite a few—have an endangered animal on the label or packaging. They sell larger bars, and cocoa, and bite-size bars, as well as chocolate for cooking.

The bat bar is a small 3oz bar of very dark chocolate, 75% cocoa, with cocoa nibs. The zebra bar is certified as "all natural." It's fabulous. Really. The cocoa "nibs" are actually crushed cacao beans, the source of all chocolate. It's rich, intensely chocolate, with a smooth texture. It melts quickly, and the taste is very pure. The Endangered Species zebra bar is a particularly wonderful accompaniment to a dry red wine, say a nice cabernet sauvignon, or even a port. I haven't tried it with coffee yet, but I will.

The zebra bar is a small 1.4oz bar of dark Premium Organic chocolate with citrus essence. The chocolate is rich, mellow, not too bitter, and the additional flavor of the orange with its bitter-sweet quality should be very nice. Unfortunately, there's something a little chalky about the finish, and the citrus flavoring is a bit too much like a gumdrop. I'll probably not buy this particular bar again, more a matter of personal taste than a problem with the chocolate, but I do look forward to trying the others.