January 2009

Red Wine and Dark Chocolate

Most people know that red wines are rich in antioxidants that make red wine in moderation very good for us. Chocoholics know about the antioxidant properties of chocolate, but it's worth reviewing the current research. For instance, researchers at Oxford interviewed subjects about their consumption of chocolate, tea, and wine, and took a number of cognitive tests; those who regularly indulged in chocolate, wine, and tea performed substantially better than those who didn't.

Seattle's Naftali Chocolates

Many cities in America have been eagerly embracing boutique businesses in recent years. Especially in Coffee Town Everyone has a favorite cafe. The all-in-one supermarket culture is giving way to an appreciation for specialization. Of course, there is always a little pride in being one of the first to discover a bit of local excellence. In a cozy apartment in Seattle's Capitol Hill district lives one of Seattle’s best-kept culinary secrets, which hopefully won’t stay a secret for long. Michael Anton, the hand behind Naftali Chocolates, has recently entered the business of proving what great things can come from being the little guy. His unique, gourmet chocolate recipes are an exciting addition to Seattle’s ever-maturing palate.