April 2009

Chocolate Inhaler

Right now this "chocolate inhaler" has my vote for Dumbest Idea of the Year. "Le Whif" was developed by a Harvard professor as, I think, a diet aid. The premise is simple: a user with one of the inhalers breathes in a chocolate flavored powder, which, according to the inventor David Edwards helps users control their chocolate cravings, and satisfies them at the same time. Edwards is quick to reassure potential users (whiffers??) that the chocolate flavored powder is not fine enough to enter the lungs, but tastes great. And, he says, it's 0 calories.

Easter Chocolate: The Good Stuff

As a child, I did not receive an over-abundance of candy; this was not a bad thing, for a variety of reasons, including the fact that candy, particularly good chocolate, was a treat, something to be shared and enjoyed and appreciated. There's a lot to be said for heightened anticipation increasing the eventual delight of any special occasion. So Easter was an event to be looked forward to, with great delight and fervent expectation.