December 2009

Making Real Hot Chocolate

If you love hot cocoa but you’d really like to try some hot chocolate this season, it’s the perfect time to make some! It’s surprisingly easy to make if you want to make it at home; of course, you can order it at your favorite restaurant if they serve it as well.

To make a big pot of hot chocolate to share with your friends and family (feel free to adjust if it’s just for the two of you), gather together a cup of sugar, 8 cups of milk, 6 ounces of bittersweet chocolate, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Using a good knife, place the chocolate (squares or a bar form work well) on a cutting board or other safe surface and chop it up into fine pieces. The finer the better—it will melt faster that way—but don’t stress over getting the tiniest pieces possible. Scrape them up and put them into a mixing bowl.

Give the Gift of Chocolate

Having a hard time coming up with that perfect gift? With only nine days left until Christmas, you’re getting down to the wire! No worries, though—if you can’t come up with the right appliance, toy, outfit, or other gift, why not give something that everyone can enjoy—chocolate!

If your loved one hates chocolate, of course, ditch the idea.

However, if he or she is like most people, the gift of sweet chocolate would be much appreciated. Here are some ideas; of course, if he or she has a favorite (we always get my dad his much-loved M&M’s), go with that.