January 2010

10 Chocolaty Things to Do for Valentine’s Day

Mmm… chocolate. While some say it’s an aphrodisiac, there’s no dispute that chocolate makes most people feel good. With its antioxidants and serotonin-boosting effects, it might even make you feel a little bit… in love. Whether you’re trying to get your lover in the mood or simply put a smile on his or her face, here are ten ways to do it with chocolate.

10. Give chocolate-covered cherries or strawberries, a box of chocolates, or another traditional chocolate gift. My husband knows I love chocolate with gooey caramel, while I know his favorite is white chocolate; find out what kind of chocolates your lover likes best and go with those for a gift he or she will surely love.

Lindt Excellence A Touch of Sea-Salt Chocolate Bar

I've written about Lindt Excellence before—specifically, the Lindt Excellence Intense Orange—

but this particular bar, while not actually new, was one I've not seen before. Lindt's Excellence A Touch of Sea-Salt is part of the Lindt Excellence range of dark chocolates with various ingredients added for flavor. It's one of their standard 3.5 ounce, 100 grams bars of dark chocolate, with French Fleur de Sel crystals of sea-salt. It caught my eye in part because it immediately made me think of dark chocolate sea-salt caramels, which are a fabulous combination of flavors. It's almost February, and so the local chain stores are all stocking up on chocolates at sale prices; this bar was part of a range of Lindt bars at 2 for $3.00.