March 2010

Milky Way Simply Caramel

When I first snarfed this down, my opinion was "It's okay if you like that sort of thing."  But here's the problem: I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.

As you could probably guess, the Milky Way Simply Caramel is just a regular old Milky Way bar, but without any of the nougat.  Milky Way has never been one of my favorite candy bars, partly because that nougat is so very very sweet.  It's sweet in a kind of nauseating way, possibly because the sticky cling of the nougat and the caramel makes the sweetness physically stick in your mouth for much longer than the sweetness of, say, Nerds.

Lindt Excellence Intense Pear

I have something I need to get out of the way first.  Why does Lindt insist on calling its new flavors "Intense Whatever"?  They also have Intense Orange and Intense Mint.  Is "intense" the Swiss version of the American "extreme" or (worse!) "xtreme"?  Because I don't see them producing a "Regular Pear," so the use of "intense" as a modifier is completely superfluous.

I recently tried the Chili flavor, and I see that there is a Ginger flavor (which I would very much like to try).  Why are these not Intense?  I would go for an Intense Ginger.  

Okay, I feel better.  

Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate With Chili

Chili and dark chocolate is the latest taste sensation, like the salted caramel of 2010.  I had heard of this combination, but frankly I was skeptical.  Having eaten an entire bar of Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate with Chili… yeah, I'm still skeptical.

The latest "weird flavor we added to dark chocolate" is chili oil, which gives the dark chocolate a little bit of a burn.  Only a very little bit, despite my initial fears.  The chocolate taste still dominates, and is definitely the first thing you taste.  The faint chili burn seems to be released by the heat of your mouth as you nibble, which makes sense.  Chili is an oil, and as we all know, it's heat that really gets oil flavors and scents going.

American Chocolate Week

The third week of March is American Chocolate Week, yet another excuse (as if we need any) to indulge in milk chocolatey goodness (or whatever your favorite kind of chocolate might be). If you do plan on indulging a bit this month, you might want to look for free samples and offers from your favorite chocolate companies, as many will be distributing them during American Chocolate Week.

Here are some other ways you might want to celebrate…

Try chocolate flavors wherever you go. Go for the chocolate pancakes, ice cream, desserts, whatever.

Try chocolate-covered foods, such as raisins and pretzels. Dip whatever fruits or snack foods you already have in chocolate, from graham crackers to banana chunks, and see what creative concoctions you can come up with.

Bake a chocolate pie, brownies, or something else that will scrumptiously fill your home with the aroma of chocolate.