August 2010

Hageland Limited Selection "Ecuador" 43% Milk Chocolate

At first blush I assumed that this Hageland brand of chocolate was about as authentic as Haagen-Dasz, which is to say, not very.  This impression was only borne out by the website, where I could find absolutely no information about the company itself.  

They have a lot of information about how chocolate is made IN GENERAL, but nothing about the company, its facilities, or its location aside from "Belgium."  The Contact Us page lists an address in Hayward, CA.

Lindt Lindor Truffles Milk Chocolate

This is another chocolate with sort of a confusing name.  It's a chocolate bar with a subtitle: technically it's "Milk Chocllate With A Smooth Filling."  I don't know why they didn't just call it "The Lindor Truffle Bar."

Lindt is considered a somewhat down-market chocolate bar manufacturer by hard core chocolate fans.  In the same way that pet food snobs like myself look down on the Iams brand (particularly after they downgraded the formula and started selling it in grocery stores).  But as with Iams, the truth is that Lindt bars are a lot better than the other mass market options you'll find in the grocery store.  

Chocolate Covered Insects - Mmmmmmm

I love our London friends - they can really make an impression - for instance the story "Chocolate bugs fly off the shelves at Fortnum & Mason" is a real hoot and can really tell us something about the business over there at Fortnum & Mason - but I suppose that is beside the point. Chocolate and insects both have a rich history, and occasionally pop up together in the media - this is likely due to our society and how this is an oddity in our culture.