October 2010

Do Some Reverse Trick-or-Treating Tomorrow Night

In an effort to support fair trade cocoa, Global Exchange is hosting a Reverse Trick-or-Treating event all across the country on Halloween night. In order to participate, people are encouraged to pass out fair trade chocolate when they go door-to-door to help encourage adults to become aware of the problems in the cocoa industry, to work to change it, and to support fair trade chocolate companies.

It’s an ingenious idea, since it’s a nice way of handling it rather than protesting or calling people day and night (like the Tea Partiers have been doing at our house every day; if I get one more call…!). Instead of yelling or waving a sign, you just give someone a piece of chocolate, an informational card or flyer, and a smile!

Chocolate Mousse

           I had my first taste of chocolate mousse at my friend’s house one evening when she was preparing some yummy chocolate mousse for a date the following day. Since I am a huge chocolate fan, I wanted to help her out in the kitchen with the ingredients and preparation. I was also wondering if there was history behind the creation of chocolate mousse.