December 2010

Trader Joe's Chocolate Palette

I ended up making this epic trip to Trader Joe's last weekend.  They sell this one particular snack (sesame seed-coated honey cashews) that my best friend adores, and I wanted to get her a bag.  The nearest Trader Joe's is about 50 miles from here.  And let's just say, Trader Joe's on a pre-holiday Saturday afternoon?  Maybe not my first choice. 

Maybe it was the experience of finding the entire parking lot full, and having to park in a precarious spot on the street.  Maybe it was the flood of Trader Joe's bargain shopping hormones that get sprayed on you at the door.  I'm usually a pretty savvy shopper, I swear!  But I thought this assortment of chocolates was marked $2.99. 

I didn't realize my mistake until I went browsing online for other people's reactions.  Turns out it was actually $10.99.  ("That can't be right," I thought.  But I tracked down my crumpled receipt from where the cats had been using it as a fun toy and there it is, $9.99, plain as day.)

Theo Chocolates Milk & Cookies

I have been wanting to try some treats from Theo Chocolates for ages now.  Theo is organic, Fair Trade, and local, being based in Seattle's Phinney Ridge neighborhood.  But their distribution is somewhat small, and it can be difficult to find their chocolates out here, two counties to the north.

I spied this bar on a sale rack at Fred Meyer.  At only $2 each, I couldn't pass it up!  This is their Organic Fair Trade chocolate, a 45% cacao milk chocolate, with bits of sugar cookie.  How festively delicious!

In America, most milk chocolate hovers around 10 to 12% cacao content.  Cacao is the thing that makes it chocolatey.  Which is why most American milk chocolate is kind of terrible.  Waxy and fake-tasting.  (The rest of the world mocks us for the poor quality of our milk chocolate.  It's true.)