January 2011

Whitman's Heart-Shaped Assortment

Last night at Rite Aid I suddenly realized that I have never actually had a Whitman's sampler. Seems like a pretty big oversight, doesn't it?

I also realized that the heart-shaped assortments for Valentine's Day were on sale half off. I debated not buying it, because my other purchases were a bottle of wine (you can get great deals on wine at Rite Aid OH GOD DID I REALLY JUST SAY THAT OUT LOUD IN PUBLIC) and two bottles of nail polish. Could you get any more self-pityingly "single lady"? Only by adding in half-price unsold Valentine's Day candy!

When I opened the sampler at home I was annoyed that it didn't include a road map. I'm not one of those people who gushes over the joy of discovery and magical surprise. I like to know what I'm eating ahead of time. I figured the square chocolate with the dark chocolate stripes probably had a truffle filling, but who knows about the others?