April 2011

Equal Exchange Chocolates

Equal Exchange  was created by Rink Dickinson, Jonathan Rosenthal and Michael Rozyne in 1986.  They met while managing a New-England food co-op. They were interested in extending the co-op movement beyond the US to the rest of the world. They wanted to find a way to change the way that food is grown, bought and sold around the world to make it more fair for everyone involved. The mission of the company they founded is to help farmers and their families, educate consumers about world agricultural trade issues, provide high quality food, allow workers to control the company, and foster a community based on honesty, respect and mutual benefit.

Tasting Chocolate

Instructions on how to taste something may sound a little strange. After all, you taste something by putting it in your mouth, right? Actually, it is not that simple. We only have a few receptors on our tongue that sense chemical properties including sweet, salt, sour and bitter. Everything else that we call taste involves receptors in the nose. This is obvious when you have a cold and lose some of your ability to taste. So here are some tips for tasting chocolate bars!

Shaman Organic Chocolate

As I’ve said before, I like to buy chocolate from socially responsible companies. One such company is Shaman Organic Chocolate. The company was founded by Brant Secunda, who was adopted by a Mexican Indian shaman and became a shaman himself as well as a healer and ceremonial leader

The company was created to help the Huichol Indians in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico and they donate 100% of their profits to Huichol villages.  The Huichol are thought to be the only North American Indian Tribe to retain their pre-Columbian traditions. They are famous for their healing traditions and artwork. Chocolate was revered by the Huichols who use it in ceremonies.