May 2011

Chocolate Martini

Chocolate and Vodka: What could possibly be better?

I was initially more than a little doubtful about the very concept of a chocolate martini, partially because I rather like both the traditional gin and vermouth martini and the vodka martini. I thought of martinis as a savory, not a dessert. But then I tried a chocolate martini in 2008, at a hotel bar. I liked it; it was very clearly more of a dessert than a cocktail, but it was chocolate. I've since experimented with chocolate martinis and have engaged in diligent research on your behalf.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares: Dark 60% Cacao

Ghirardelli seems to be experiencing a bit of a renaissance lately. I think of them as being primarily a baking chocolate, with their super delicious premium chocolate chips and other baking chocolate products. But I am seeing their little miniature tablets for sale in more and more places. They are sold individually in delis and at checkout stands, and collected in bags on the candy aisle.

Ghirardelli seems to be maneuvering itself into position competing with Dove for the market of "small daily indulgences." It is a robust market - just ask Starbucks. We think, "I deserve a treat! I'll buy myself a little something." But we do it daily, or multiple times a day, and the next thing you know, there goes your budget - and your waistline.