April 2012

Chocolate Noodles

Oh God, I heart noodles. Noddles in marinara, noddles in Alfredo, in soy, in meat sauce in most anything (but sweet and sour) just tickles my taste buds. And I've never met a noodle I didn't like. Make 'em a bit soggy to al dente, it doesn't matter I LOVE noodles. Cup of noodles... ramen-level even (though oddles of noodles beats them out) to my prized Yakisoba, I've had all kinds. Blame my old college days for coming up with creative meals on a budget. 

So when I find out there is a such thing as chocolate noodles...I honestly didn't know what to do with myself. There are many recipes out there too; just take a bit of dessert cheese, flour and assorted items, roll them up into noodles (or use a pasta maker), boil like noodles, then create a dessert sauce. 

Theo Fig, Fennel & Almond Dark Chocolate

Surprise! It's vegan AND delicious!
This is a premium bar of chocolate, make no mistake! Theo Chocolate is a Seattle-based chocolate maker, specializing in small-batch organic and Fair Trade specialty chocolates. Theo Chocolate is peerless as a company, the first American chocolate company to operate fully organic and Fair Trade, supporting local artists and artisans, and with a real passion for their product which shines through every aspect of the production, from sourcing to packaging.
Case in point: this bar, which is part of their "Fantasy Flavors" line, features a gorgeous and adorable illustrated wrapper designed by www.kittenchops.com. Says so right there on the label! When was the last time you saw a packaging designer credited on the label? It never happens. But Theo Chocolates does it, because they love their illustrators, and they want you to love them and buy more of their work. 
It's endearing as hell, is what it is.

Chocolate Lava Cakes

When you first think of chocolate and lava, you might have an image of a fiery pit with chocolate oozing out. No? Well how about the rather savory dessert with a warm gooey center? Did I hit the nail on the head? Good. 

Did you also know this awesome dessert was supposedly a mistake? In a very probably story, a chef was making small chocolate cakes. He had set up the timers and everything. Mixed the right proportions, filled in the ramekins. He watched it all, while trying to get another full course of food out to a bunch of dignitaries. 

Chocolate and aliens

So, how was your Easter, Ostara, Bunny Day, and/or Chocolate Day? Mine was low key, with a few chocolates to be had...sadness. The day seemed to be ending on a 'meh' note until I was sent this amusing link. See, I like aliens. No, not in general, but the franchise. The creepy claustrophobic atmosphere, Sigourney Weaver in a role that would push for stronger female leads, the implied sexual themes in the huge set pieces, the gore without being overdone – all these elements made it a creepy yet well told classic.

Current filmmakers, take note.
Well, someone decided to do a short Easter version of the movie, remaking the key parts of the film with chocolate.

Alien: The Easter Edition


Weird chocolate facts

Well, we already know that chocolate is poison incarnate to dogs. We also have heard of the use of said chocolate goodness for currency back in the time of the Aztec Empire. And we ALL are chocolate lovers here. But did you know:


  • Chocolate is the food of the gods? No really, Cacao beans come from a tree. This is well known. That tree is a species of the genus Theobroma, which literally translated is ‘food of the gods.’