June 2012

Milk Chocolate PB&J Bars

Way too sweet for me, but I bet kids would love them!

Oh Grocery Outlet, what strange products you bring to my life! I have never seen these before, and will likely never see them again. Never having heard of them before, I obviously had to buy one of each flavor: grape and strawberry.

The idea with these is that it's the classic peanut butter and jelly combo, inside a chocolate bar. 
"But I have never wanted such a thing," I imagine you are thinking. I agree: I thought that, too. But hey, you never know, right? I recently learned that avocado and grapefruit slices is a thing, and boy is that a tasty combo! I was willing to cut this combo some slack.

Chocolate covered pretzel in a glass

Now I’m not going to claim I’m a bartender of anything, but I do like to try fun things out every once in a while. It also helps that I know a few bartender friends. But aside from drinking out of the bottle, I do enjoy trying a mixed drink or two. I also think said experiments were prompted by drinks, but that’s another story.

I – being a chocoholic – have looked around for a drink that utilized chocolate ether as the drink or as the garnish. Sad thing is that many of the drinks were not exactly all that good. Or maybe I just suck and botched it. But this recipe using a chocolate pretzel just works.  Maybe it’s the salt, snap of the pretzel and the chocolate mixing in, but the drink tastes awesome no matter how tipsy drunk I am in its creation.
Note: Don’t chug these back to back. This is one of those ‘sneaky’ drinks that don’t taste like alcohol is in it, but there is.

Chocolate Busts

No, not the ones that sit on your chest. I mean a bust – the art form of a lump of clay, metal, wood, or what have you, that is worked to resemble an actuate reflection of a human head. Art galleries are filled to the brim with them, ships used to sport them and the Greeks and Romans loved the crap out of them. Go to any state or country capitol and you’ll more than likely see a bust. Schools even love their busts or that once dear dean and important future dean. 
What I’m saying is that busts aren’t new. 
What is new is that busts are made of more edible things.  Chocolate things. Considering that chocolate is notorious for being fragile, susceptible to melting, easily burnable and just in general a rather unwieldy thing to cook with much less to create things with, sculpting with it just seems insane! But it has been done.