September 2012

Cocoagraph Company of Philadelphia

Chocolate photos

Chocolate has enjoyed a fun yet sweet renaissance of being used in art. Sculptures, fashion, furniture, mini buildings – it seems chocolate can be used for anything beyond the obvious. But a lot of the art created is made for looks (OK, that chocolate bench was both a bench and a cake, though I may be hesitant on eating what was meant for people’s butts to sit on) and looks only. 

But I always wondered if this kind of art was made to be eaten? Well there’s a new piece of chocolate art imitating life that they would go well with the chocolate camera mention also in the last post. Chocolate photos! These pics are like the chocolate iPhone mentioned ages ago – they have images screened onto chocolate bars. Edible chocolate picture bars.

Cocoagraph Chocolate Photograph Co.

Chocolate sculptures

What's next? Chocolate palaces?

Recall that article I wrote ages ago about things sculpted from chocolate? Like busts of famous people and furniture? Well the chocolate art doesn’t stop there. How about a camera made of chocolate? Does it take chocolate pictures? Or the tennis shoes made of leather – chocolate leather? It seems chocolate art has become much more intricate and delicate. There’s even real life art treasures like the Arc de Triumph on display now! And forget just human busts, there are life size figures of people being made now. 

So much skill and chocolate gathered all in one place. It makes you wonder – after all the various furniture, clothing, ‘useable/edible’ items, will chocolate become the new black? Will we be living in chocolate houses or chocolate palaces? 

Chocolate rain Willy Wonka style


They are magically delicious!

Nuclear fallout happened one day. I was simply at home, typing away then, bam, a flash of light! Then the world went still. I didn’t think much of it and kept working. Over the day I felt itchy, scratchy and shaky. I even noticed that spots on my skin felt soft, almost too much. Like I pressed a finger onto a strange discolored patch of skin and it felt slimy, and cold.

Odd, how calm I felt then. Should I be rushing to the hospital? Nah, just keep writing.
Days slide by. The shakes are getting bad. I should eat, but the food tastes like sandpaper. Everything looks dull and faded. So tired. I slept after a large headache happened.
Was it days? Weeks? I don’t remember now. Remembering things is hard. The alarm…I set it sometime ago. Why hasn’t it gone off? I tap the fool thing and the red light never flickers on anymore. Ugh.

Chocolate Guinness Cake

Have your cake (and beer) and eat it too.

I’ve never thought I would say this but, hallelujah, I need this! I mean, I love chocolate (as proven by this blog). I enjoy me a good glass of Guinness (even a car bomb if I’m feeling foggy). But a Guinness and chocolate cake? It never occurred to me.  Now I’m no chef or anything, but I’ve been one to toy around with things that you’d think wouldn’t go together. Rice, hot dogs and soy. Eggs with taco sauce and sour cream. Hot dogs with ranch, cheese and pickles. 

But a Guinness cake? That alone would have me wanting to try it out.