December 2012

Easy no-bake chocolate éclair cake

It’s like eating the donuts, but way better.

If you like éclair pastries but would love something even more decadent—and perhaps even more cheap!—an éclair cake may be just the thing you’re looking for. It’s the simplest dessert to make, with no baking involved. I make one for my husband’s birthday every year, and this year it’s already half-gone on his birthday (without my daughter and me eating any of it yet!). Here’s how you do it.


1 box graham crackers

2 boxes vanilla pudding

1 container whipped topping

3 cups milk

1 container chocolate frosting

Chocolate Fruit

How yummy.


I love sweet tasting fruits. Even tart ones I enjoy. I love them cubed up, pressed down into juices (not into jam strangely enough) or just simply cut up into pieces. I simply enjoy fruit. But what’s better than just fruit? Fruit with toppings, yum. I don’t mean any old toppings though.